donderdag 16 augustus 2018

Matriarch archetype

In 1979 I met the goddess figurines of the ancient civilization of Catal Höyuk , Hacilar In Turkey.  These figurines together with the Turkeys women from the land showed me a new image of what the dignified women look like. Whilst I was studying Architecture at Technical University Delft, I never had met a role model for women in dignity or esteem.
These archetype of woman have been educating me to the dancer I am now. In 1980 I wrote a syllabus on the relation between the architectural design and the form and radiation of the figurines.  the figurines both from Minoische Civilization on  Crete in comparison to the Turkeys figurines from Catal Höyuk and the figurines Hacilar the corresponding architecture design and the figurines.  The houses of Catal Höyuk were hidden under the ground entered by the roof and the figurines in a Buddha-like position seated and waiting in an internal state. This was different from Minoische architecture of houses temples and palaces.  They connect in a spiral way the internal bathroom,  with corridors opening up spiraling into terraces with open view in the landscape. Exactly like the snake goddess keeps the power in her belly so that she can radiate out into the world. 

In 2018 I went to Malta to visit the temples there. Also there they found many small figurines and very big one from the Goddesses . This figurine is the sleeping lady which I bought as a souvenir

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